Tamaridge Rhodesian Ridgebacks Reg'd

Health,Temperament,Structure and Longevity are key to our success. For the Conformation Ring or companion. OFA tested ,C.K.C Reg'd. All you need is AlittleRandR

Oh the dreaded Puppy Questionnaire

You may feel Like we are asking way to many questions, But the fact of the matter is,`` for every question you have ,  We`ll have questions to. We`re just being sure our breed is the right one for your needs and lifestyle. It`s our  way of starting a relation ship with you, So bare with us in this process. Reputable breeders go out of there way to offer a life time of support and are there when any problems a raise. Unlike the Back Yard Breeder. They don't care and the relationship is usually severed once puppy has been bought. I have had friends call me to help place young or adult dog in new homes. One of the first questions I ask is!! Have they contacted there breeder`` . I can honestly say .`All the calls I have received,  These dogs are  from backyard breeders or  pet stores. Does it not make sense for a responsible breeder who loves their dogs to ask questions, than breeder who does not CARE about the people who are purchasing one of there dogs....

Please highlight then right click on mouse to copy and paste in a e-mail, Once in your e-mail answer the questions and send it back to me.

Tamaridge Puppy Questionnaire




* Phone#                                Email address

*Home Address and location .

* Number of children           Ages

*Do you own your home or rent?

* Do you have any other pets?

* What other breeds did you look at?

* What size of yard do you have?       Fencing?

* When were hoping to get a puppy

* Are you aware that  Ridgebacks are not the kind of dog you can leave alone in your backyard for lengthy amounts of time?         Why?

*Our Dogs our dogs are house pets and are treated as members of our family are able to provide in the same manner?

*Who would be the primary care giver of the puppy?

*How long will the puppy be alone each day?

* Are you planning on crate training your puppy? Why/or why not?

* Where will your puppy sleep?

* Have you done any reach on the breed?        And are you a where you only have one chance to get it right with this  breed

* Do you truly have the time to socialize your puppy(this breed de-socialize it's self) and  are you the type to carry on through out the dogs life ?

*Why is this breed not for every one?

* Are you looking for a male or female puppy?                   black nose or Brown(liver)?

* Would you consider a ridgeless puppy?

* What would you be doing with your  ridgeback ?Breeding/Coursing/Dog shows/Therapy Dog/..

* If breeding, do you plan on showing him or her?

* Are you aware, you and your puppy have to attend  puppy kindergarten classes?

* Other than me, what support team do you have for raising your puppy?

* Anything else you would like us to know before we consider you for one of our puppies?

* Where did you hear about us?

"Thank you for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire" .

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