Tamaridge Rhodesian Ridgebacks Reg'd

Health,Temperament,Structure and Longevity are key to our success. For the Conformation Ring or companion. OFA tested ,C.K.C Reg'd. All you need is AlittleRandR

Myah /Paxson A litter

March 14 th 2011
Myah delivered 11 healthy puppies
6 boys ( 3 liver / 3 black nose/ mask )
5 girls  (2 liver/  3 black nose /mask
No dermoids detected at this point

Myah has done  a fantastic job ..
Sire CH Coldfoot's Success To Freedom   Meet (Paxson )
Dam Ch Myah Kya Asad  Meet (Myah)

More Photo's Here
check back as Photo's are added every few days
*Video Clips 
Howling Puppy 1
Howling Puppies 2
Puppy in the mirror
All Collars are off
Something about bones
Raw Turkey Necks
* Kids and Pets the memories   Here
* Animal Planet 101 Rhodesian Ridgeback Here

* March 17 Receive there new collars from Pupcolors by breeders edge Thank you Doreen what a great product
All eleven puppies had there dew claws removed and are all doing great ..
-Myah doing better today and doesn't seem to be as wiped out ..Me too..  !!!!
* March 29 Pup's are out of whelping box !! these guys are on the move and all puppies have there eye's open.
-2 week mug shots are up .Visitors  are welcome
* Pup's will be going for there Tattoo's April 21
* Lots of puppy visit from friend ,family and those who are interested in this breed. Not mention those who will be part of our extended family
(thank you )
* April 22 Puppies all received there Tattoo's  and That was there FIRST Truck Ride (Bunch of Troopers )
* April 26 Puppies survived Easter weekend sure wish the weather would behave !! Awesome visit from some Great families ..;-)
* May 7 th This will be the last weekend for some of the pup's ,I'm so gonna them dearly Mark reminds me almost every day we can't keep them all.Comforting note to Families who are getting a puppy and providing a loving forever home ...Thank You !
* May 7 th most of the Puppies white on their feet are starting to freckle in .Meaning they are loosing some of their white ..I will take pictures of feet that freckling in alot even # 4 boy is going to lose some of his white ..
* May 10 th  I do have to say the puppies did so well at the vets. Dr Connon absolutely loved them and couldn't  believe there dispositions all had great teeth ,and no Dermiods ...I even forgot to bring treats with is important to pup when introducing them to new environments. No reaction yah !! You'll have to remember when you take your pup in for there vet checks they will need a stronger worn medicine  then what I have been giving them Up the yorgurt during .People probiotics is nice to have as well .When we worm we whip out there bowl tract good and bad especially with the stronger stuff .Once a year my dogs get the stronger stuff other then that I always have at home a bottle of Strongid T Most vets in town might not carry this try your big animal vets ...
*May 11 th Paper work,puppy books, leash training ,time upstairs(one on one time ) ,crate training,nail trimming ,raw turkey necks and  rolling in the grass with the puppies oops back to work LOL. Puppy are all doing great ,love them little suckers. Tomorrow our first pup's is going to his forever home time is flying and I wish i could stop it .The nice thing about it is I know he's going to a great home ...
May 12 th First Pup went to his new home and yes the tears flowed Sorry it's just part of getting a pup me I can't to see him again cause he's here in town ..
May 19 th  Really starting to fill the empty nest my counts are so off and I keep feeling like I might leave one outside for the night 8-( but I haven't so far .Happy to hear everybody is using the bell system to help there pup's relieve them selves outside. I'll never do it any other way again and your pup will being ringing the in about a week in half .Would love to see video footage when they do !  And i'll put it up on the site .
P.S. extremely happy everybody doing great with the pup's .Hugs from me

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Another Litter whelped out on Vet Bed love this product

Ridgeback puppy mug Shots ,Myah /Paxson A litter

   Numbers in front indicate birth placement

1 Liver, Brown  nose male  (pet companion) Double crowns
Tay tay ? has now gone to his new home ;-) ...

2 liver , Brown nose male (show potential/companion  )
Zori Has gone to his new Home May 12 2011
Best wishes to you guys

3 liver ,Brown nose Male   (Pet companion) Double crown Ridge
Rolland has now gone to his new home.He aims to please and a romeo !

4 Black nose/mask / male (show potential/companion )nice ridge ,front paws have white .
Milo has gone to his new home to make 2 girls and a boy extremely happy .....Adventures with Milo 


 5 Black nose/mask Male(show potential )
Chance Is going to be stick-en around with us for awhile

6  liver,Brown nose    female (pet companion ) Double Crown
Basil is with her new Family and is going to make this young Lady very happy ,"Give her lots of loving"  ...

7 Black nose /mask Female (Pet companion  )white on paws off set whirls
Kohla Has gone to her new home ;-)

8 Black nose /mask Male(  Show Potential ) Very Little white
Ranger is in his forever home across Canada and I hear  he's the cats meow. This boys color is amazing !

9 Black nose/mask Female nice ridge (pet companion) kink tail ,very little white 
Asia is her new home Making 2 boys very happy !! my little button 

 10 Black nose female (show potential )Very little white , front  paws
Asha has gone to her new home.Little playmate for life ;-)...

 11 Liver nose female (Show Potential )very little white
Shebell is with her family new family ..