Tamaridge Rhodesian Ridgebacks Reg'd

Health,Temperament,Structure and Longevity are key to our success. For the Conformation Ring or companion. OFA tested ,C.K.C Reg'd. All you need is AlittleRandR

THings To Know Before You Buy A Ridgeback


Ridgeback Temperament /All Around

          socialization for life is a must for this breed can De-socoilize its self.

    Ridgebacks are an active breed  and needs an owner that can provide a lot of stimulation and interaction. These dogs are friendly yet aloft to strangers. It is essential to socialize a Ridgeback through out its life to become a well adjusted dog and not a liability,We would hate to see this breed end up on the BLS list and therefore should never be trained or encourage to be a guard dog. Ridgebacks are independent thinker, stubborn and are a confident breed.  Best suited for this breed is a  assertive and an experienced dog owner .Usually not best for a first time owner. This breed demands respect in order to give it back and does not respond to harsh or heavy handed methods.They need to feel they can trust you. Rhodesian s do best with short and varied session to prevent boredom. Training must be done with fairness,respect and consistency .The Right owner and  training is key for him/her  to become a well balanced loving companion.A well behaved dog is one who's owner who has put the time and effort into training and continue.

Ridgebacks don't make great backyard dogs, they are pack dogs and need to be with there leader. If  left in a yard for to long, they will find there own entertainment and can be quite destructive by digging big holes, chewing on your greenery, and may even clear a 5 foot fence. A pup in his early months will need a lot of supervision and guidance in the yard. So if you plan on leaving your Ridgeback for hours in the yard, unwanted habits become your making and not the dogs.

They get along with children when brought up with them. Young children should never be left alone with adult dogs or puppies. Its just good dog sense with any large breed. Puppies have razor sharp teeth and are always at your feet, young children need to understanding they could step on the  puppy and hurt it .

Young children like to poke, smack or pull ears. So supervision is a must as these dogs do not like to be rough handled.

My experience is that most people are looking to add a dog to their lives don't really want a strong-willed, independent mindset that a Ridgeback offers.

If your heart is set on this breed and would like to add a Rhodesian Ridgeback to your family , And you have done some research on the breed and your life style can accompany a Ridgeback..Start by filling out a Puppy Questionnaire .And plan a trip to meet Us and the pack . We truly love to show off our dogs. We also recommend searching other Reputable Breeders.(Find one you feel comfortable with .(To some degree we all mentor each other.) Reputable Breeders will be involved in groups or other events with their dogs.

"Make sure they Health test their dogs"

This applies to any breed you may be looking at.Vet check from the vet is not genetic testing. In my opinion if you can't test your breeding stock DON"T breed. O.F.A. Orthopedic Foundation for Animals   is a hub were you can find genetic test results for ALL purebreds who have some testing/screening done.There is also info on this site as to what breeds should have tests done .(this applies to breeds that are not recognized by C.K.C. or A.K.C. no reason for them not to test!

Reputable Responsible Breeders Do Care 

"Also Please Don't get caught up in "I have to have it now "!

Reputable Breeders Plan there litters and start a list , Please kept in mind potential puppy owners have to back out from getting a puppy ,so stay in touch and get know the Breeder .

This picture clearly shows these dogs are independently thinking !!
They are up to something. 

Some Ridgebacks like water and some don't .

Just one more way they have found to entertain themselves .

Going Going Gone ..Its so important to have great call back ,One of the main reasons why your yard should be fenced.

Fantastic call back

Out at at the  beach socializing Paxson .Ridgebacks love the sand .

This is the holding tank as we like to call it .For our junk not our dogs

Ridgebacks will almost do anything for FOOD.And obedience classes has had a impact !

This is a exercise we do with our dogs they must all stay in the back of the truck and wait their until we let them out !
We do not Drive around with them in the back .

That's all Folks