Tamaridge Rhodesian Ridgebacks Reg'd

Health,Temperament,Structure and Longevity are key to our success. For the Conformation Ring or companion. OFA tested ,C.K.C Reg'd. All you need is AlittleRandR

Litter Information 2012 spring Litter

If you are interested in a puppy please fill out a Questionnaire and send it to us to start a dialog. 
Its a great place to start you may also want to read Puppy Buyer ettiquette 

Puppy Questionnaire

Health and Temperament are the most important aspect of our breeding program followed very closely  to the CKC  Rhodesian Ridgeback standard. Our Ridgebacks are a huge part of our lives and are socialized around children, 4-wheelers, horses, cats, other dogs ,cows and anything else we can think of .All of our breeding dogs will be cleared by the OFA for hips and elbows, at a minimum.
What you can expect from a Tamaridge puppy. All puppies will be  micro chipped or tattooed and will have dew claws removed,Vet checked and CKC registered . We will provide a contract guaranteeing against hereditary defects up to 2 years. And Life time of support! 
From the time puppies are born to the time they go to their new homes.( Please Read imprinting ) A great deal of love,handling and socialization has been done. It  is strongly recommended the new owner continues to provide a life time of socialization.

Providing proper socialization and training for your puppy is essential.If you cannot,or not willing to invest the time and effort necessary to effectively train and socialize your dog .Please don't get a dog .
All puppies are sold with a C.K.C. Non-Breeding agreement,As a Reputable Breeder we do not want to contribute to BACKYARD BREEDING or puppy mills .Both parties sign,which shows both parties are responsible dog owners and understand why limits have been made .

Pick Show Potential These puppies are Co-owned. Evaluation for conformation takes place at 8 weeks .

Show potential -Companion/Puppies that have no obvious faults and is deemed possible to achieve it's championship. Most puppies are placed in companion homes. Some are placed in companion homes  allowing the breeder to show the the dog .These puppies are Co-owned .Evaluation for conformation takes place at 8 weeks . 

Pet quality-Companion means puppy may have obvious faults or undesirables such as excessive white ,to much black through out the coat ,no ridge,extra whirls, extra crest,no crest  and might have a kinked tail.Faults of this sort are rather cosmetic and doesn't effect the function of the dog or health .These puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract and are not suitable for showing in conformation or  for breeding .