Puppy Questionnaire 
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*Phone #)             Email address:
*Number of children         Ages:

*Other Pets:

*Who will be the primary care giver to the puppy?
*How long will the puppy be home alone each day?

*Where will your puppy sleep?
*Where will he spend the days

*What size yard do you have?________________ Fencing?__________________

*Our Dogs are house pets and should not be used as guard dogs.

*Why have you decided to get a Ridgeback?

*Have you done any reach on the breed.(circle) Yes or no. If yes do you understand why this breed is not for everybody!

*What kind of puppy are you looking for? (circle) Boy or Girl
*What are you looking to do with your puppy? (circle) Companion / Pet /
Breeding / Coursing /Dog shows/Therapy Dog.

*Are you able to go to puppy classes with your pup.(circle)Yes or no
*Other than me, what support team do you have for raising this puppy?

*Anything else you would like us to know before we consider you for one of
Our puppies

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our Questionnaire _____________________________________________________________